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Air Care

A Braun product

Group project w/. E.Poletti, S.Pontiggia, I.Zaccara - 2018

Air Care is a system thought for young neo-workers to satisfy the needs of having well-prepared business shirts, solving the problems of lack of time, space, will and capabilities, and offering a product with its own identity that can dry-iron-refresh clothes and purify the air. 

Scenario and interactions

After the laundry is washed, the young neo-worker starts to hang out his clothes on a drying rack. He tries to stretch at his best clothes to make them dry without wrinkles. In this way, he doesn’t need to iron. But he has a problem with his business shirts: he needs them to be well prepared. Thanks to Air Care 1 he can hang his shirts and automatically iron them at the same time. He can decide the type of program he needs:
– drying
– ironing
– both drying and ironing

He finds his shirts ready to be dressed. 
Air Care is composed of two components: a collapsible hanger and a core electrical element that creates hot air flows and can be moved from a hanger to another.

This project was realized for an academic purpose. The workshop held at Politecnico di Milano collaborates directly with Braun.