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Marine rescue equipment

Group project w/ G,Mauri, G.Nespoli - 2014

Floatus is the result of research on marine rescue procedures. From those results, we enlightened that actual devices cannot satisfy all the victims’ necessities. We wanted to ensure both physic and psychologic safety. Ergonomics and stability studies gave rise to a product configuration composed of a core element realized in polymeric material and an inflatable part. The product has been developed in 2 versions: Floatus X1 lets rescue one people per time, Floatus X6 6 instead.

Innovative solutions that came from different fields of application have been considered into the design process of Floatus, to have the best results. The inflatable system ensures an extreme stability and improve the portability when the device is unused, because can be wrapped up inside the main body; the support belts are resistant and let the victims be safe and comfortable, the purification water system exploits graphene filters while heating it up thank to the energy collected with photovoltaic panels.



The devices are stackable and light so that they can speed up the rescue operations and be easily carried with helicopters and rescue boats. Once the device is launched on the water, it increases its volume and enhances the buoyancy through the inflatable that is auto-activated. The main objective is to augment the possibility to survive until the arrival of the rescuing vehicles, avoiding tiredness or hypothermia. To reduce the loss of energy, we designed a seat Floatus X6 – Multi seater
stable and comfortable using PVC belts, the ideal material for its structural a corrosion resistance. Hypothermia and loss of body heat are avoided with the position of the body, higher than water, and through the use of hot drinkable water. In fact, by drinking hot water the victim can maintain his body heat to a stable level. Then, inside of Floatus is positioned a GPS cell that facilitates the research of the modules on open water.


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