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Pro Urban Commuter Helmet

PTC Creo Course project - 2018

Pavé, as you can ride from the title is a bike helmet designed for pro urban commuters? But what does it mean? Who’s a pro urban commuter?

I determined this target as all the bike enthusiast whose ride bike not just to move around the city. They ride it ’cause they love it, so every time is the right time to get a spin, especially on Sundays, when people are lazy, but at 8 A.M you’re on the saddle. I noticed that needs change quite radically in relation to the usage. In the city speed is lower, you don’t sweat as much as sprinting in a group ride and having a warm helmet during winter morning commuting could be pleasant. On Sunday, when you’re sweating yourself off you don’t mind having a cooler feeling on your head.   

I decide to design a single helmet, that with the right modifications can be suitable for all those situations, or just if you want to get more aero you can.

Before After

Top-Down modeling on PTC Creo

As a final output of a university course, pavè was born with the aim of exploiting all the features of PTC Creo. And especially the use of a genesis shape to create all the components following the guidelines of the Top-Down Approach. Every component is bounded to the original shape which could be modified to rearrange dimensions, for example, or some particular.

Design a helmet on a solid modeler was quite hard, but I learned how to manage complex shapes and how to create more interesting shapes. I have always been interested in automation on product design and from what derives from it: parametric design, generative design, and artificial intelligence appliances.

This project was realized for an academic purpose. Neither Giro nor Rapha is involved, I just used their logos to add a little bit more framework to my work.