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Concept for living on Mars

Group Project for European Space Agency - 2018 w/ Fabio Iacomino, Nicole Maccari, Emanuela Pau, Eleonora Poletti, Katsiaryna Sheliahovich

Colonizing Mars seems to be one of the main feasible ways of the future living, according to the architect S.Boeri or NASA. We asked to design a concept for ESA were this could be possible.
When we discovered the potential of Mycellium, everything was clear. We want to grow up houses on Mars. Creating an organism of modules that could enlarge gradually to give more spaces to the people.

Growing up houses, instead of building it, implies a lot more material to carry, reducing effectively the cost of the whole operations. Plus mycelium took about 3 weeks to grow up, not a large amount of time-related to the actual time for building a house, moreover on Mars.


Mycelium consists of a network of interconnected and branching filamentous cells called hyphae. The mycelium has a fast growth rate on a wide variety of substrates and results in a range of diverse materials and applications, related to the architecture and the design fields.

Moreover, this bio-structure is characterized by peculiar porperites, such as strength, elasticity, lightness, thickness, homogeneity, water repellency, rigidity, and UV shielding 

Mushrooms have been featured on
Architectural Digest Italia | Nov. 2019