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Social Media content creation

2003 - now

Live Rock Festival is by far one of my favorite projects. It’s a music festival set up in my native village in the Tuscan countryside. Every year thanks to more than 200 volunteers is it possible to organize one of the free music festivals most influent in Italy (I really suggest you plan a visit here if you’re not already enjoyed it). 
I started working when I was like six years old as a venue cleaner, then I became a waiter ’till 2013 when I become the official social content creator for the social media platform (actually I was the only one that knew something about photoshop). I started with simple pictures to enrich facebook’s post, then we started to develop a strategy and a long-term organization of posts and promotions to reach our maximum audience. Now I’m fully submerged by all the visual assets coming out from the event, from social media, to gadget, to installation panels.

What I found most difficult here is to create a solid and coherent image, year per year, while respecting the artwork of Danijel Zezelj. The artist who, since 2001, paints all our posters.

Before After

We often take the chance to surf viral trends to create interesting and funny contents. In this previous specific case we dubbed played with the announce of Yandhi from Kanye West assuring people that our festival would be done for sure.

Or, as in the video below, we followed the trend of food recipes to announce our Line-Up. This video has been, form analytics, the most liked one ever. Confirming that here in Italy food is what matter the most.


During the festival days the schedule become quite busy. I’m into the preparation of the venue (that takes almnost a month) beside being a coordinator for the bar, in which we serve more than 8000 beers in 5 days.

While I do that the social media asks for contents, and especilally during the event we noticed that what is most effective are videos and animated post. So after every night I edit a short aftermovie of the day, and I crate some gifs.

Live Rock Festival is a real teamwork, even if I provide all the visual content all the social media crew is involved in the creation, from ideas, to concept, to copywrting. 
The whole festival is a teamwork and I would like to thank every of the 200+ volunteers that every year make this possible.