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E-Cargo bike revolution

Personal Project - 2020

The concept of this project was clear: create the best cargo bike ever. MUL.e exploits all the most recent technologies of the bike world to provide the rider the best experience he could have while riding a big and heavy bike. Using the most recent and powerful e-bike motor, paired with the highest capacity batteries this cargo bike can move you and your stu quickly and easily, thanks to the autonomy of up to 236km at 25km/h, or 42 km at 45 km/h.

The steering wheel has been completely redesigned to avoid all the bad feedbacks related to the shaft system; with a fully digital steering system the motion transfer is immediate and the driving sensation remains the same, thanks to an active actuator. The usage of a belt-drive transmission system avoids all the issues caused by lubrication, which means no more grease stains on your right leg! the rubberized mat, together with elastics straps system lets you carry your load easily your load, letting you the only pleasure to ride your bike and do not worry about anything else.

Revolutionize the urban mobility

Cities are becoming more and more populated and urban mobility has the urgency of redefining itself. Bikes are always a good choice to move into the city but they have lots of limits especially bounded to carrying things and sweating a lot. If a bike could transmit you the ultimate experience of a flawless ride, without any issues many more people will use it as a primary way of transport. Reducing traffic jams, pollution, and increasing personal life quality.


Hours spent in traffic jams
avg. KMs traveled in a day
avg. KGs of Co2 produced / year

* DATAs taken from a UnipolSai report, 2015.


Revolutionize the riding experience

Actual cargo bikes, like the LarryvsHarry’s Bullit you can see just above, are designed to just complete a task: carrying things from point A to point B. They’re not meant to be a mobility vehicle, and they’re not providing the rider the experience that wants to have. Driving one of those big boys is always sketchy because they’re very heavy, very long but the main problems are the steering system that all cargo bikes actually use: the mechanical system. The usage of an electric steering system with an active actuator lets you have the real driving feeling together with an instant motion transfer.


Top notch components

Selection of components, as every cyclist knows, is fundamental to have a good ride. MUL.e is equipped with the very best on the market, all the electric part is supplied by BOSCH, using a Cargo Line Speed motor capable of reaching 45 km/h and paired with the biggest batteries produced, 2x BOSCH Powertube625, guarantee a maximum distance of 136 km at 25 km/h or 45km at 45 km/h. Everything is controlled by the BOSCH Kiox, the most advanced cyclocomputer that offers a sort of automatic shifting system. In fact, matched with a proper rear hub, a Rohloff SpeedHub 500/14 + Rohloff E-14, is possible to use the E-Shift mode, provided by BOSCH, which controls the drivetrain autonomously to guarantee the best gear paired with the best performance you need.

The drivetrain is belt-based mounting Gates components, the finest brand you could find, guaranteeing a smoother power transmission and no more grease stains on your right leg. To prevent the most annoying issues about moving by bicycle, a flat tire, MUL.e is equipped with Schwalbe Airless Allround a tire that doesn’t need to be inflated with air thanks to a solid core. To keep the cockpit stylish every component choose here is made by ENVE, but it’s only a suggestion!

Loads are secured on the wide space thanks to removable straps, which go into their own compartment when not used and the base is rubberized to prevent things to move when supported.

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